650 Acres of Carp Fishing

It’s now almost 2 years ago since I decided to try to catch a carp from this special place. Almost 2 years ago in the beginning of 2016 I started my campaign at these lakes and little did I know back then that this campaign would be very difficult. This place consists of two connected lakes with a total size of about 650 acres. These lakes are pretty old, In fact they were formed during the last ice age.

After a lot of research the only thing I could find about carp fishing in the lakes were a few pictures of some beautiful old common carp. I got the feeling that these lakes could hold some very special carp. I then knew that I simply had to try to catch one of the carp from these lakes and my journey was set. Late May 2016 I had my first couple of overnighters, all without any sign of carp. Going into June 2016 a problem arrived: huge shoals of big bream passing by during nighttime were a huge plague. Sometimes it was necessary to stop fishing just to get some sleep. I decided to try some new spots and much to my surprise I found that in some places the big bream were not a plague at all. But now the birds were a plague instead. They were always finding my bait as soon as the sun was out, meaning it was only possible to fish during the night. Not even my attempt at changing the color of the bait to match the lake bed did not deter the birds.

It was now late August 2016 and finally I managed to catch my first carp in one of the lakes. After so many obstacles to overcome I’ve finally achieved my goal. Going into September 2016 I was full of expectation after my first carp in these lakes. During September the fishing were very good and I managed to catch 6 more carp. Oh, that’s a fish! Now there are fish on this one too. I spent as much time as possible fishing until it became too cold for me. Unfortunately, I did not manage to catch more carp in 2016. Nevertheless, I was pleased because surroundings during my carp fishing in the autumn by the lakes were so beautiful and amazing I chose not to fish for carp after November as it would be like finding a needle in a haystack in this massive water. Instead, I spent my time preparing my equipment and finding new fishing spots.

After a long winter the spring had finally arrived and I was once again ready to catch some of the beautiful carp in these lakes. Throughout April and May I did not manage to catch anything, but a few big bream. I must admit that I felt disappointed and was close to giving up my campaign. But I convinced myself that if I continued my fishing I would certainly find the carp at some point. All my effort finally paid off and in June I managed to catch my first carp of the season. I’m so happy right now To be fishing this huge lake and having so many overnighters without fish and then finally! The second carp of this season and after so many overnighters it’s a lovely feeling to catch two carp at the same trip, so beautiful!

It’s the end of June and it’s the third carp of the season. I’m pretty pleased with this one and it just melted off This is what I was after a beautiful common carp. A beautiful common and a lovely fighting machine. Just love it! Finally, the first mirror carp of the season. A lovely old mirror carp. My setup for carp fishing is quite simple. I prefer to use a bolt-rig on a safety-clip system with a 3½ oz lead and with a 6-8 inch long hook link of soft braid. I’m using a hair-rig with a short distance between the hook and the bait and a piece of shrink tube on the hook to ensure that the hook turns aggressively. The pre-bait I have used consisted of 20 mm boilies, pellets and tiger nuts. If there is no bream in the fishing spot I prefer to add sweetcorn and hemp seeds to the mix as well. It’s the smallest fish of this season but look at it! It’s beautiful!

To be honest my carp fishing was absolutely amazing when I finally found the fish. Even a double take is possible in such huge piece of water when all conditions are perfect. Especially the period around full moon in July was amazing. What a beautiful linear! It’s so beatiful! And another beautiful common carp from this lake. Another beautiful mirror carp from this lake.

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