How to Prepare Corn the Best Cheap Bait for Carp Fishing

Hello I’m Brian Wingard. Time for another video in my series. We’re going to be making field corner deer corn. Basically it’s In a raw form right now this will expand probably about two to three times in size making it safe for the carp to eat this is probably the simplest bait you can make at home. A 50-pound bag of the field corner deer corn, it’s probably ten eleven twelve dollar or something like that so very cost effective. Now what we’re going to do, do the pressure cooker again like I said in my last video. This is the quickest way to do any carp bait that you need something to expand. Total time hour and a half like I said in my last video about 45, 50 minutes of that it’s just deep pressurizing so you don’t have to do anything. probably 20 minutes total work time.

So we’re just going to start measuring this out. I’m using a 6 quart pressure cooker. You never want to fill it over halfway full of the the grain or corn that you’re going to be using because it can become very dangerous. Say let’s do this, these are the two cups we have. Okay I find my line here okay we’re at about, we’re at ten cups right now, ten cups of field corn Now we’re going to add in our water and this is just a half gallon. I’m just going to fill this up okay. that one’s done, need a little bit more. Again you can read your instructions in the pressure cooker. I brought this up to the two-thirds line on my pressure cooker so we’re looking at about a a half a gallon plus I used a quarter gallon say 3/4 gallon tote for your water so again 10 cups of field corn 3/4 of a gallon and we’re good to go, simple as that. Also if you want to add some flavoring which I usually do I grab that I’ve been using the CC more pineapple ultra essence the way this is made it will not boil out, a lot of flavors that you get if you boil on the flavor just evaporates. So this costs just a little bit more, not too much, but you’ll retain all the flavoring.

Usually if you make field corn the old way you’re going to put your your corn into a bucket and you want to fill it up with maybe two inches of water over top of that yet.You have let it sit for about 48 hours so it starts expanding and then you want to boil it for about 30 minutes until it uh fully expands which will be about 2 to 3 times in size. Today like I said with a pressure cooker that’s the best route to go. It’s the quickest way to make bait. So we’re going to add 15 ml of this which is 1 tablespoon. Again this is the CC Moore pineapple ultra essence. This is available through, they’re based out of Canada and has a really good smell, actually smells good enough to eat. So we’re putting that in as 15 ml with that, okay put that back on here and we’re off to the oven again.

So in about an hour this can be ready to to go. You can use this as a hook bait and I’m also going to do another video of the Miele bomb. It’s basically grinding it up and you’re making it sort of like a pack made out of it. So let’s head off to the kitchen we’ll get this under pressure and I’ll show you the final product and compared to the original as well, so stay tuned and I’ll be right back.

Okay just brought the field corn into the kitchen. We’re going to put the lid on. Make sure it’s sealed, put on and then it will slide back this way to lock in place. Put the cap on it and we’re going to put this on high heat. This will take about 10 to 15 minutes before it pushes all the air out of it and you’ll see this. There’s a little popper here. It’ll pop up once it’s pressurized. That’s when you start your 15-minute countdown. I usually try doing 15, that way it’s fully cooked and it’ll absorb most of that water. It’ll be two to three times the size once it’s finished. So this will take about 10 minutes,10-15 till the pressure comes out so we’ll come back in a little bit. Also I’ll show you how this rocks back and forth just to know how to do that as well. Again this is a 6 quart I think it’s pressed a brand but it Sears pressure cooker they’re about $50. I think if you’re going to be making a lot of seed baits or even field corn this is a way to go. Total time we’re talking about hour and a half from start to finish. We can be at the lake you know with a brand new bait made up.

So a nice thing about using pineapple as well is your house will smell really good till till it’s all done. I just made a batch of the bloodworm and the whole house stinks of that so this will be a nice air freshener as well. So I’m going to stop recording and we’ll come back here in about 15 minutes.

Okay here’s the top of the pressure cooker, you’ll see this little popper it’s going up and down just a little bit. Once all the air is forced out this will pop up, that’s when you know your pressure cooker is under full pressure and then we’ll have to watch for the cap to start rocking back and forth. Once it comes to a normal rock we’ll put this on from high to low low heat so you can hear it’s forcing the air out. It just popped up so now we know our pressure cooker is under full pressure and you can hear that force on all the extra air out, so I’m going to stop this for a second and I’ll show you the top cap how that rocks and how it’s supposed to be as well so you can hear that air coming out right now. Oh it’s just about under full pressure so I’m going to stop this. We’ll come back here in a minute. Okay just started on a rock now, so I’m going to put this from high down to low on our stove so it is 209 right now. We’re going to check this out for about 15 minutes. It’s going to be under pressure for a total of 15 minutes. You might have to adjust the temperature just a little bit maybe bump it up to 2 or 3.

You just want to keep a slow steady rock. It just changes to 10 so we’re going to actually have this on here till 2:25. It’ll be 15 minutes under full pressure and right now I have it on two and together nice just a steady rock so we just want to stay here. You don’t want to leave here, just so you know, on too much pressure. You have to adjust the temperature here and there but that’s as much as you want the rock now 15 minutes later 2:25 we will shut off the heat. It will remain on the burner for another 45 minutes roughly and it will slowly leak out the pressure. When that popper drops that’s when you know all the pressure is released, then you can safely remove the lid off of it and once that’s done I will show you the final product out in the garage again. So you can see the size comparison and then we’ll show you how to rig it up so we will be back in about 45 minutes.

Okay we’re back. The plunger just dropped on this and now we can safely remove the lid just remember this is still going to be a couple hundred degrees so just be careful of the steam. Our corn is ready. you can see it’s it’s about three times the size now. All the juice you can smell, that pineapple, it’s really infused into the corn. Now I’m just going to pull a bit on here so you can see the difference. It’s three times the size it’s full, it’s good to go. So hour and a half later you got a great bait to take out.

The next video we’ll be doing is how to do the Amelie bomb. I use a grinder to turn this into basically a packed bait. Like I said this is dirt cheap, 50 pound bags about 10 to 12 dollars. Flavorings not too much in that flavor and you can use that many times over. So again you can see I even put a still shot up on the video here but you can see the corn is about triple the size. Now let’s just cool down for a little bit and I’ll show you on a hair rig what it looks like also real quick and that’s going to be too hot to grab. Get our bait needle here, put on like three kernels. It is pretty hot actually but I can deal with it okay. Fine, three kernels, got a hair rig which you can look at in one of my other videos. How to tie one of these, put it through the loop, thread it on stop her up please down we got hair rig good together you can see flips right over flip straight which flips right over in hand so you know it’s going to work on the carps mouth, so here’s an easy to make carp bait

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