How to Buy a Rod Licence

Buy a rod licence online

Buy a Rod Licence

You need to buy a valid rod licence before you go fishing so that you’re fishing legally.

Where to buy a Rod Licence

Hi, I’m Peter and I work as a bailiff here in the Yorkshire and North East Region. We’ve created this short video to show you how to buy a rod licence online. We want you to enjoy fishing as it’s a fabulous sport, and a great way to enjoy the outdoors including being great value for money.

All the money from licence sales is used to protect and improve our great fisheries. It’s easy to buy it on-line, so let’s get started.  First of all, make sure you use the official Post Office website – www. postoffice. co. uk. There are other unofficial websites selling rod licences but they may charge an additional fee, so don’t use them. Once you’re on the Post Office website, click on “Identity& Licences”. Then click on “Rod Fishing Licence”. Here you can find information on the different types of licences that you can buy.

If you’ve registered on the website before, you know your renewal number and your details haven’t changed since you last bought a licence, you should choose the “renew your full licence” option. If you want to buy a 1 or an 8 day licence, select the “buy a short term licence” option.If this is the first time you’ve used the website, if you don’t know your renewal number or if any of your “personal details” have changed, choose the ‘buy a full licence’ option.

How to Buy

I’m going to show you how to purchase a full licence. Click on “buy a full licence”If you are renewing your licence, or purchasing a short-term licence, the first few questions will be a bit different in the first part of the registration process, but it will be the same from the “accept licence” page. Select the type of licence you need. Insert your date of birth in the format shown. Any age-related concessions will automatically be recognised by the system. If you have a Disability Concession, enter your Blue Badge or National Insurance number. Check your details are correct and Click “continue”.

Next you will need to select your licence year. The rod licence season runs from 01 April– 31 March. When purchasing a licence prior to the 01 April for the forth coming Rod Licence season please make sure you select the correct year. Select “continue”. If you are purchasing a short term licence, or are renewing a licence and have completed the first part of the registration,this is where the process becomes the same. Now accept the licence you have chosen. You need to view the terms and conditions by selecting the link. Click on the box and select “continue”. To buy your licence, you need to “sign in & register”. If you have previously registered with the Post Office, sign in here.

You Need to Register

If you are not registered, you need to do so, please create a registration here. The person registering doesn’t have to be the angler – anyone can purchase a licence on behalf of someone else.However, we are presuming for the purpose of this video that the person registering and the angler are the same. To register, you need: your email address – this is where the confirmation will be sent. To create a password – if you’re not sure how, click on the question mark. Your full postal address– if you type in your postcode the system will find your address, so you don’t have to type it all in. Answer all the questions and tick the box to accept the terms and conditions. Once you are happy, “select register”.

Enter Personal Details

Now it’s time to enter the licence holder personal details. You can amend the details that are already in the system if you need to. The information you enter here will be what is printed on the licence. Once you are happy, select “continue”. Now you will see a summary of licence details. Check and confirm all the details are correct. If you need to make a change, just choose “edit options”. When you have checked they are correct, select “continue”. Now check the contents of your basket. You will see the licence details and the total cost. If you want to buy another licence, you should click on ‘continue shopping’. Otherwise, select“continue”.

You will now be asked to confirm the cardholder’s address details. The address details you have entered beforehand will be displayed. Please note the address in this section needs to match the address where the payment card is registered; to allow the transaction to be successful select “continue”. All you need to do now is confirm all the details are correct and pay for your licence. Enter your card details. You might be asked to complete some security checks by your card issuer. If this happens you will automatically comeback to the Post Office site to finish your payment. Now all you have to do is select “pay”. And that’s it! You have now purchased your rod licence online.

Go Fishing Straight Away

Make sure you write down the receipt number displayed on screen, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address provided earlier. It can take up to 10 working days before you receive your licence in the post, but don’t worry – you can use the receipt number,or the confirmation email, to go fishing straight away after the 01 April with valid ID, for example a driving licence or a passport. As you can see, applying for your licence online is quick and easy. But if you have any questions or encounter any problems when you are buying your licence, just call one of our advisors on 03708 506 506.

So you can enjoy your fishing even more, we have clubbed together with the Angling Trust to bring you an excellent new website, Fishing info. Fishing info provides loads of helpful angling information, giving details of thousands of fishing venues, tackle shops,clubs and coaches. You can even store your favourite locations[WPXperVideo id=6] along with the latest angling weather and river levels. The internet address is or type “AnglingTrust fishing info” into your search engine. Don’t get caught out – please ensure that you are fishing legally and don’t do anything that may harm fish and other wildlife. We hope you have a great fishing season.