Big Distance Feeder Method Carp Fishing

Big Distance Feeder Method Carp Fishing

Big distance feeder method carp fishing.

Today I am going to fish on Lake Harsány, which is one of my favourite fishing waters. A lot of pleasant memories and experience bind me here, since I managed to catch the biggest fish of my life here as well. Last year,  I did not have a chance to fish here,but this year  I could visit this wonderful fishing place again. At that time, I was testing a lot of new baits, groundbaits, and end-rigs for three days in a row, which resulted in three hooked carps, each of them bigger than twenty kilograms. Out of the three, I managed to catch two, and I managed to set up my new carp records as well, I caught my biggest mirror carp, which weighed 21,22 kilograms, and I caught my biggest stout common carp that weighed 21,78 kilograms. I am very proud of these catches for I managed to take these fish out with light tackle feeder method.

Although those three days highlighted that in what degree the Harsány fishing style has changed even within the past one year. When I was here last time, in the autumn of 2012, when we made a video as well by the way, I was fishing on the dam right at the opposite side, that time I managed to catch lots of nice fish as well. Then, you probably remember, I emphasized many times,that the key to success in Harsány is to cast at least a hundred metres. Well, this has changed, and from this year, I must state,for someone to be successful here, he or she must be able to cast at least 120 metres far. Why did the fish move away so far? Well, the Harsány fishing lake – as you can see it here – is absolutely full, although it is autumn season right now; there isn’t a foothold of free place left. There are fishermen all-around me, near me and everywhere on the shore. These anglers primarily prefer boilie technique, and they outbid each other, compete with each other by casting their rigs ever further and further. Furthermore they can even feed that distance quite accurately. So right now a boilie method angler fishing for 130-140 metres far here is not considered to be rarity. If we would like to compete with them and fish at the same distance, where probably the biggest numbers of fish are feeding, we have to cast our rigs there. After all this of course, the question rightly arouses in the kind audience: why don’t I use a boilie rod too? Well, this is because modern feeder rods can meet these requirements as well, and they are capable of reaching such casting distances. In this movie I would like to show you those tricks with the help of which you can also reach these dream distances.

Meanwhile, I also present, how one can catch some really big carps in Harsány. Secretly I hope that my new personal carp record will be there among these fish too. Meanwhile, the rain has started to fall, which is not surprising in autumn, but this does not hold us, fishermen back from, being on shore and I also continue the demonstration in this kind of circumstances as well. In order to reach such casting distances, what I was talking about in the introduction, we need a rod at all events, that is completely suitable for these conditions. The Master Carp 420 XH type rod, from the new Team Feeder rods family, is perfectly suitable for this task. Its casting weight range is between 50-70 grams that cast a 100-120 gram total weight feeder further than 100 metres without any problems. It is worth getting to know some of the features of this rod, to reveal what makes it capable for this aim. First of all I would like to mention the length of the rod handle, which is longer than the average, 57 centimetres. Due to this increased length of the handle, we can cast our rig at much further distances easier using less swinging force. The next most outstanding characteristic of the rod is its enlarged ring diameter, which is withal perfectly measured, where they must be positioned in order for the rod blank to have the best characteristics both during casts and the playing of the fish. It is significant to note that of course all three rod tips have increased rings diameter, which harmonises perfectly with the big-sized rings located on the rod blank, thus they surely doesn’t hold the line back.

However, the thing which is totally invisible, but still essential, is the material of the rod blank. This material is the IMT8 Power Carbon, which provides that special characteristic, that tension, with the help of which we can cast big distances easily, but still the playing of the fish remains an experience. I got the first carp! It is really hard to tell the size of the fish after the first run-out here in Harsány. With a little exaggeration we can say that a 10 kilos big and a 20 kilos big fish behaves similarly. It becomes obvious how big the fish is at the last phase of the playing when the fish is near the shore. And, as I have mentioned it in the introduction, due to the flexible agents, the elastic main line,the flexible rod, the fish senses far less resistance, and thus it does not fight so vehemently, than when one tries to force it towards the shore with a heavier tackle and a heavier rod. It sensed the proximity of the shore. It became a little bit fleeing, thus we can see it how nicely the feeder rod is curving, working. It blunts the fish’s head shakes very well, yep, this will be a nice fish.

The first carp is in the landing net. It is still fighting; this also shows how much more humane the feeder method playing of the fish is, and that I almost led it out without the fish noticing it. Oops, even the bait is visible. Though there is not much left of the dissolving bait. This is a day beset with difficulties; one cannot always catch a carp after each cast in Harsány either. I have to work hard for every bite, but sooner or later I manage to find the right bait, bait combination, with the help of which I can land, and hold in my hand some fish for the time of a quick photo. The first fish weighs 10 kilos and 80 decagrams, and the most promising period will probably just begin, for dusk and the nightly hours are waiting for us. This one fell down further than 120 metres away. Well, if there won’t be any fish, then nowhere will. Of course the best rod does not worth anything without a matching reel. I use the Team Feeder Special 5500 M type free spool reel for these rods. I spooled a 0,20 mm diameter line on this reel, while 0,18 mm monofilament main line on this one. Many people make a mistake in that they try to make long distance casts with a too thick main line. The attainable casting distance reduces with 10-20-30 or even 40 metres when using a 0,25 or 0,30 mm diameter main line. I know that it is astounding in Harsány, in the reign of large fish, where one can catch fish even bigger than 20 kilograms, to use an 0,18 mm diameter main line. But using a reel which has an appropriate break system, which does its work even in the most critical moments, and using a flexible rod, and applying good fish playing techniques, I can state it from experience, with a little exaggeration any-sized fish can be caught. But all this applies to an open, snagless, clear area only.

Of course the question arouses rightly: ok, if our mainline is such thick or such thin, then how many hours does it take to land a bigger-sized fish? Experience shows that even the biggest fish can be landed within 15 or a maximum of 20 minutes. Another reason that reinforces the use of a thin main line is the further graceful increase of casting distance. The two rods and reels are completely identical, even the end-rig is the same, the only thing that is dissonant is that on one of them there is a 0,20 mm, and on the other one there is a 0,18 mm diameter main line. I can cast even 10 metres further with the reel that has a thinner mainline on, than with the one that has a 0,02 mm diameter thicker line on its spool. Thus, if every meter counts, this is another reason for why it is worth using a thinner line. The monofilament main line won’t bear the extraordinarily big requisitioning that the whole tackle must sustain during casting. That is why we must use a braided casting shock leader. I use a 0,19 mm Power Pro, which is one and a half times longer than the rod’s total length. The end-rig is laced onto this, the basis of which is a 25 gram and a 35 gram weight pellet feeder. Both of them are set to be free-running, but just to a specific point, the end-rig can run until an upper stopping point only. The 25 gram version differs from the original manufacturing make in that I wrapped a lead wire on two of its ribs. Using this solution, the 25 gram feeder became 45 gram heavy, as a result of this, it is smaller in diameter but a little heavier, thus it flies as fast as a bullet. With the help of this we gain an additional 3 – 4 or even 5 metres as opposite to a similar but still lighter weight 35 gram feeder. Furthermore, an additional advantage of these weighted ribs is that when we fill groundbait into it, if we want to place the bait inside the feeder, we can always be sure, that it will sink to the bottom like this, in this way. If we push the bait in here, we can be sure, that it won’t mingle under the feeder and it won’t get caught in the ribs after the groundbait dissolves.

Once again we can increase the casting distance with a few metres if the bait does not roll around freely like a propeller during the casts, but it is filled, pushed back into the feeder, the air resistance of our end-rig can be reduced like this as well. It has just darkened recently, and here is another hopefully big-sized carp on my hook. I managed to pull it into the coastal zone, wow how big this is. And, it is inside the net. Another nice mirror carp. This time the combination of the big Halibut pellet and the fluo pineapple pellet got a grab. This is a really heavy, large, wonderful mirror carp. It is not easy to hold it. Well, this is way more than 15 kilos, nay, it is closer to 20 kilograms. We will weigh it soon, and it will reveal how big this beautiful mirror carp is. It is 18 kilograms 96 decagrams, almost 19 kilos; I told you that it would be even better. I was right, when I cast it there to that promising place, before darkness came, what did I say? Well, if I don’t get a bite for this, I won’t get one for anything. Well I got a bite.

We are properly in the night already, the rain stops and starts to fall alternately, the umbrella turned out to be a permanent accessory. I am getting sleepier and sleepier, I almost fall asleep. I put on bigger and bigger baits in order to try to assort, select the really big fish. If there will be a bite on this, it will probably be a really large fish. Although one cannot select fish clearly with the size of the bait, the flavour of the bait is way more important and of course a suitable place and the groundbait which we fill into the feeder. I am experimenting constantly; I add different kind of flavours to the proven basic Premium Halibut groundbait. I am mixing a little fluo essence garlic and almond aroma now, known better as the Ördögûzõ (Exorcist) fancy name in our assortment. This is an absolutely concentrated version of this aroma type. We need to add only a very little amount to the groundbait to get a very strong, pleasant flavour, scent. By the way the groundbait already contains a Pellet Pack; I mixed a Fagyos Ponty (frosty carp) fancy named type to it, since it is autumn, we are heading into the cold, winter period, this aroma fits this mixture perfectly. I put this into the feeder. I trust in this mixture pretty much, perhaps this will attract the coveted big fish now,for there is a great chance of catching a large fish after every single cast here.

Perfect cast, it went sufficiently far. It goes slowly, oldish-like, leisurely; it is shaking its head indignantly,I feel serious weight on the end of my rig, but at the same time it is really fast. It pulled back the line which I managed to gain from it so far with one swift movement. I don’t want to state it too early, but it is close to 20 kilograms. Nay, wow how huge this creature is. It is really heavy. This wonderful common carp arrived finally at three o’clock at dawn, right in the middle of the night, after many hours of silence. 20 kilos and 88 decagrams, I was right, the exact weight of this beautiful stout common carp is 20 kilos and 88 decagrams. Fantastic, I am very happy. It is half past three, well the fish that I was waiting for has finally arrived, well, one can catch such fantastic fish here in Harsánywith due perseverance and preparedness, and fishing is not over yet.

The key to the success of feeder method fishing is what you put into the feeder. The kind viewers see in most of the cases that I recommend one or two kind of different receipt as a concrete solution for a given situation. The question might arouse rightly: how do I know with such confidence that a specific mixture in a specific period of time would surely work? Well there is no secret in this; I choose the specific groundbait type in two different ways: 1. According to many years of experience with a little luck I can simply hit the spot for the first try. 2. The second mode is that I try out systematically, test the different kinds of groundbait on the given water. This is exactly what happened in September too, when I was here for the first time in this year that I already mentioned earlier. Then I was fishing non-stop on three days in a row, and I tried out fifteen different kinds of groundbait, and more than a hundred different kinds of baits. Fish gave the answer clearly, to what groundbait and what bait type they react to the best way. They don’t care about marketing, only one thing matters to them, that is what we offer to them in a given period is whether suitable for their taste or not. Fishermen scatter into the water Halibut pellets in biggest quantities besides different kinds of boilies for grounding feeding. This has basically become natural nourishment for the fish already; this is what they consume most willingly. If the Halibut pellet is so popular among the fish of Harsány, it is not a question that we must use a groundbait which basis is the same.

This also can be found in the excessively wide range of groundbait palette of Haldorádó; its name is Premium Halibut. This is nothing else than Halibut pellet grist, seasoned with a pinch of secret. This serves the basis of my groundbait. Trying out all kinds of other groundbait types, fish reacted the best way to this groundbait by the way. According to the season and the period, I upgrade this with the Frosty Carp Pellet Pack. there is nothing else to do than to put one or two handfuls of groundbait into this little mixing bowl after each cast. By the way, I find this expressly practical, since it suits, fits into this little bucket nicely, which top can be adjusted on it hermetically into the bargain. I have always liked these closed little-sized buckets and bowls because they need little space only and they are excessively practical, they make their jobs easier for exactly those kind of anglers like I am too. So I put a handful of Pellet Pack into this mixture. These fine pellet grains further enrich the groundbait itself, and they reserve delicious bits for the late-coming larger fish as well. If I feel like it is not tacky enough, its moisture content is not adequate, I can adjust it by adding a little water to it. And I also experiment with different kind of flavours in order to arouse fish’s interest. The question of the aroma has also narrowed after lots of attempts, should I put my life upon just one flavour, then it won’t be anything else than the one fancy named Ördögûzõ (Exorcist) Fluo Essence aroma, which is a mixture of garlic and almond. Many years of experience and observation shows that as the water cools, garlic mixed with some kind of other flavour works unbelievably well. This is what I experienced and this is what the fish confirmed now. This is a very strong, dense aroma; we don’t have to put a lot of it on the groundbait, we need just a few pumping and mixing it over. I regret one thing only, that we cannot mediate fragrances and scents through our TV sets yet. It has a brutal strong, but very intense, pleasant scent. Well it is not surprising that carps surely cannot ignore this in the increasingly cooling waters.

I had three bites so far, no, I correct myself, I had 4 bites, because I lost one fish during the playing. I noticed that the bites occurred within one hour after the cast at all events. This one arrived 34 minutes after the cast so this one was the quickest so far. I didn’t say anything about the baits yet, well, this is an issue that can get really confusing. But otherwise if we think it over logically, many times it is way simpler than we would think. If the Halibut pellet grist and the Halibut pellet itself is so successful in this water, then it is unequivocal what the bait should be. No other than the Halibut pellet. I chose two different size pellets, one of them is 10 mm thick, while the bigger one’s diameter is 16 mm. I laced these onto the bait flosses. However it is also an interesting thing, that if there are several thousands of similar baits in the water then why the fish would choose the one on our hook. We have to put something next to it, with which our bait stands out of the similar ones.

The Dissolving Fluo Floating pellet in Sweet Pineapple flavour fits it perfectly. In this period of the year, this was the only bait out of the many-many other, with which I could catch fish by itself as well. However if I combine the two, I get a superb bait combination, which can catch any size and any type of fish. In order to create the ideal bait combination, I used the bigger-sized 16 mm thick pellet in all cases, but I cut down a little piece of this to balance my pellet bait. I perforated the pellets before baiting, I used the thinnest, 1 mm thick boilie drill for this and the bait consists of, a half piece of pineapple pellet, one piece halibut pellet, I put these on the bait floss. I would like to draw attention to two seemingly insignificant but still very important trifles. One of them can be found on the bait floss, a little rubber stopper. This is intended to prevent the pellet from slipping, and to fix it in a way,that it is linked to the above placed dissolving pellet as closely as possible. The other one is a little silicone tube which serves the purpose to keep the bait in the right position in due distance from the hook, and we can also receive a very interesting feedback if we use this since, if the fish soaks this up, then puffs it out, the tube slips up to the hook’s shank, up to the knot at all events. I took my end-rig out many times when the silicone tube was placed on the hook’s shank in the way you can see it here. This meant that the carp took it into its mouth and it could blow it out in a way that I could not perceive the bite. But this was a promising sign for me, that fish liked the bait combination. The well-balanced bait is perfect; the hook’s weight keeps the bait combination on the bottom. Look there, the left one, there is the candidate!

This quiet autumn pouring rain does not spare us, with intermittent intensity, but basically it is raining constantly from late afternoon yesterday. But anyway, it is autumn, and what is not good for the anglers, can be good for catching fish. It is apparent that this one is a stout common carp, this one does not give itself easily. How beautiful you are, and got you!I hope that you saw lots of useful ideas and practicalities in this movie, that gives you help in later, big distances feeder method fishing. Which withal hold water of course on any other water not just on Lake Harsány. It is a particular pleasure for me that during this short, not fully 24 hours of fishing I managed to catch seven carps and one grass carp in all. Furthermore there was a really huge 20,88 kilograms weight wonderful carp among these.

However the kind viewers should not forget, those who visit to Harsány, money does not grow on trees here either. It can happen that one does not get a single bite during 24 hours of fishing, or even during a several days long fishing tour. There is a lot of pressure on the water; basically I can state it that from the time the ice melts from the lake to the time it freezes again, many anglers fish on the lake non-stop. There are crowds of fishermen everywhere right now as well, they arrive with better and better techniques, baits, and tackles, to which fish get use to, they get to know them. Thus in order to catch really large carp here; we have to apply everything so that, we could outmanoeuvre these large old fish that were caught and released many times before. But with maximal preparedness and with good tackle this is not impossible. If you liked it, try it out as soon as possible.