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Brilliant Carp Tips and Action

Learn superb carp fishing tips and see amazing underwater action of big carp as tackle tester Richard Lee proves you don’t have to spend a fortune to catch quality fish. All the tackle used in this film is available from Dragon Carp Direct – the home of the best bargain fishing gear in the UK

How to Prepare Corn the Best Cheap Bait for Carp Fishing

Hello I’m Brian Wingard. Time for another video in my series. We’re going to be making field corner deer corn. Basically it’s In a raw form right now this will expand probably about two to three times in size making it safe for the carp to eat this is probably the simplest bait you can

Method feeder fishing for Carp

The method feeder is an easy to understand and effective way of fishing. The method is popular withamateur anglers like me right through toprofessional match anglers. Carp are usually the target, so it works best on a water that has a reasonable stock of carp. Let’s start by looking at how the method feeder catches

Hook Sharpening

Hook sharpening: How to get ultra sharp hooks for your carp fishing Hi, I’m Matt Collins, and I am the fishery owner of Beausoleil in France and what I want to show you today is how to sharpen your carp hooks to minimize hook pulls. Contrary to popular belief, no matter what brand of hook

Big Distance Feeder Method Carp Fishing

 Big distance feeder method carp fishing. Today I am going to fish on Lake Harsány, which is one of my favourite fishing waters. A lot of pleasant memories and experience bind me here, since I managed to catch the biggest fish of my life here as well. Last year,  I did not have a

How to Tie the Best Running Rig

I’ve been fishing with this rig for 3 years and it has caught me the biggest carp in lake. It’s good for catfish as well and it is very simple to do. Hello, I am Matt Collins, fishery owner of the Beausoleil carp lake in France, and I’d like to show you in this video